About Glen Eden RSA

The Glen Eden Returned Services Association (Inc) was formed in 1934 as part of Auckland’s Western Suburbs RSA & became an association in its own right in 1979. It has now grown into the modern facility it is today.

We have a mixed membership of approx. 1000 & are members of both the Royal New Zealand Returned Services Association & Clubs NZ.

We offer a great range of entertainment for both young and old, with membership open to anyone aged over 18 years.

The Team


Gordon has been an RSA member since 1980, and president since 2013. Hard working and dedicated, Gordon encouraged the moving forward and modernising of the restaurant and lounge area to build a club the whole community can enjoy.


James was employed by the RSA in 1992 and has been secretary/manager from 2003. He has a long history of hospitality work, bringing expertise from the shop floor up, to ensure the smooth running of the business side of the RSA

assistant manager

Nicole has been employed at the RSA since 2003. Her main roles are accounts and payroll, booking functions and entertainment, new members and general enquiries. Nicole finds her role busy and interesting, which she performs with honesty and care.

vice president

Judy has been a member of the RSA since 1989, vice president since 2013, and women’s section president since 2005. She spends many hours at the club involved in organising functions, raffle nights, ANZAC Day, and providing invaluable support to the president and staff.

bar manager

Jacqui has been employed at the RSA since 1999. She is a valuable and reliable member of staff, who was promoted to bar manager in 2013. Her responsibilities include staffing, rosters, stock control and assisting in the office.